Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hao Peng's comprehension of freedom

A fascinating comment by Hao Peng, deputy Communist Party boss and deputy governor in Tibet, as quoted By Reuter June 30, 2010 (Writing by Emma Graham-Harrison, editing by Miral Fahmy) exposing his delusions:

Hao said the prohibition on his image was natural. "The Dalai Lama is not merely a religious figure, he is also a mastermind of separatist activities. No sovereign country in the world would allow the hanging of a portrait of a person like that," he said.

The blind leading the seeing?
I thought only the North Korean government could come up with such unworldly statements about freedom of expression...

Love & clear light,

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bangladeshi Tibet activist harrased

Bangladesh under pressure of Big Brother China?

According to this Blog, A Tibet activist is being harrassed by police in advance of a visit by Chginese Vice President Xi Jinping. Apparently, authorities fear that some protests may take place...

A new phase of harassment has started on Ms. Wasfia Nazreen, a blogger from this blog, and her family members. Special Branch from Bangladesh Police’s Gulshan Thana and NSI members have reportedly called and visited her and her relatives’ home over the past six days, not just in Dhaka the capital but also in her paternal village in the district of Feni.

She and her relatives have been interrogated several times during this time, in relation to her involvement with Tibetans in the past. Wasfia, who just lost her grandmother Monday June 7th morning, had requested from the authorities for some breathing time till next week. Her family will be observing the Qul at their village home on Friday, June 11th, where both SB and NSI have reached since last night. Her lawyer and friends have expressed grave concern for her family members, especially those who live in the same areas of the burial, to have to go through such unrelated questioning at these hours of grief.

... she has been completely inactive with Tibet’s work in recent times. She has repeatedly confirmed to the law-enforcing officers that she had nothing in store for the VP’s duration here, or let alone anything related to Tibet as far as Bangladesh was concerned as she is too busy working to eradicate violence against women.

Incidentally, on 13th June, the Chinese VP Xi Jinping will be visiting Bangladesh. Daily Star reported: “Official sources said the Foreign Ministry is coordinating with other ministries and law enforcing agencies, and holding meetings regularly as part of preparations for the visit and the Chinese leader will be given VVIP protocol, which is usually given to heads of state and government.” (

The harassment and these ‘friendly’ visits on Wasfia initially started in summer of 2008 following the publication of an article: and then took a radical leap from July 2009 onwards. An exhibition jointly organized with Drik Gallery, titled INTO EXILE: TIBET 1949-2009 was also shut down by riot-geared police, with pressure from the local Chinese Embassy in November 2009. However, the intimidation had stopped in January 2010 following an international letter-writing campaign targeting FM Dipu Moni and pressure from foreign embassies.

Welcome to China, the world-wide greatest exporter of repression and intimidation.

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